Reclaiming Democracy: Narratives, Civic Space and Action

Rising authoritarianism has also led to increased political polarization and siloing. Autocratic leaders have emphasized the validity of their “democratic” elections, yet have used their electoral mandates to prosecute, harass and victimize their political opposition. In late October 2022, Metropolitan Group convened an expert panel, over Zoom, for a discussion on how narratives are shaping global and national debates over democracy and efforts to promote and secure democratic values. Joined by 55 thought leaders across disciplines, sectors and countries, the panel, which included Erin Bloom, Delma Jackson III, Alejandro Vélez Salas, Haim Malka and moderated by Eric Friedenwald-Fishman, engaged in a passionate, insightful and informed conversation on the changing dynamics of democratic and civic spaces in the United States, Mexico and around the world. Each practitioner shared their recent work and research in international contexts, including Tunisia, Turkey, El Salvador, Serbia, Peru, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Indonesia, Sweden and Colombia. Click here to watch the full recording of the conversation.  You can also read a recap of the conversation on our Medium page.

Here are some highlights from the convening.

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