Why MG

Partner With Us to Advance Your Mission

We deliver results. We are 100% focused on social change. We help our clients drive change—in systems, policies and practices; understanding and behaviors; and social norms—while building their own capacity as change agents.

We walk the talk. As a Certified B Corp identified as one of the “Best for the World” with the greatest social impact, we (like our clients) exist to create positive social change in the world.

We get it. Our team includes a diverse mix of thought leaders, subject matter experts, storytellers and strategists who share the passion that drives our clients. They have front-line experience in the field working on many of the opportunities and challenges our clients face on a daily basis.

We work at intersections. We are skilled and experienced in working at the intersection of issues, ideas and interventions. Our mix of practice areas harnesses the power of narrative and story to create change, to authentically engage diverse voices and perspectives, and to build internal culture and capacity to strengthen alignment to mission and strategy. We often work at the intersections of health, the environment and social justice, and we support change agents across many other causes.

We’re the right size. Big enough to take on significant projects that require diverse expertise and deep bench strength across the U.S. and Mexico, yet small enough to be nimble and ensure direct involvement from our top leaders in everything we do.

We leave our clients stronger. To sustain positive change over time, we build the capacity of change agents to maintain forward momentum, to use success in one area as leverage to generate success in another, and to carry their work forward long after any single effort has achieved its purpose.

Metropolitan Group tiene una compañía hermana con sede en la Ciudad de México. Impacto Social Metropolitan Group