Creative Expression

The opportunity to express ourselves creatively—and to experience the creativity of others—is core to what it means to be human. Creativity inspires young minds, brings people together, fuels innovation and feeds our souls. We work to ensure that creativity is not a privilege for the few, but a lived experience for all.

Creative Expression Lead

For more than three decades, we have promoted arts education and participation, changed the narrative around historic preservation, and commemorated historic and cultural milestones to look not just to the past, but also to the future. We’ve raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cultural institutions, built the capacity of community-based arts and culture advocates, helped social movements engage the power of creative expression to drive change, and increased relevancy and engagement of diverse stakeholders. MG also co-founded the initiative Creating Connection to build public will for the arts and culture as a recognized, valued and expected part of everyday life.

A few of our Clients

I worked with Metropolitan Group while I was the artistic director at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival on refining our brand and increasing our use of strategic communication to engage our stakeholders. MG brought a deep understanding of storytelling and the power of creative expression as an essential part of the social change landscape. Their unique blend of intercultural communication, branding and strategy work helped us create a deeply authentic and aspirational strategy grounded in real engagement with our diverse stakeholders. I also appreciated their national perspective including their experience in many other social movements that are relevant to arts organizations engaged in social change.

Bill Rauch
Artistic Director
Perelman Performing Arts Center

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