What we stand for

We are driven by our values and principles and by a simple manifesto that has guided our work for over 35 years.

Our Values

Driving impact

We strive for excellence in all we do—not only through exceptional standards for our work, but also through quality experiences for all involved. We take pride in what we do, and the lives and causes it transforms.

Sparking innovation

We are led by curiosity, creativity and humility. New ideas require knowledge about what has come before and a willingness to change the status quo. When forces work against the progress that is needed, we are willing to “defy gravity.”

Fostering equity and inclusion

Whose voices are heard, and who has power and access to solutions—each impact the lived experience of inclusion (how well people feel respected, valued and included). We are ever mindful of these dynamics, aspiring to ensure each of us contributes meaningfully and authentically so that we may draw on the breadth of ideas and perspectives needed to advance change.

Building community

Wherever we go, we are inspired to build community and to foster trust, relationships and shared responsibilities toward mutual benefits.

Embracing wholeness

We embrace the complexity in each of us, the dynamics binding us and the changing world we inhabit. We create space for holistic approaches and ideas to take shape. We bring self-awareness to our biases, assumptions, and things we might miss. We work together to expand our individual and collective worldviews.

Our Principles: How We Work

Seeing possibility

Approaching each challenge with an asset frame—recognizing the strengths and resilience that people and communities bring to the table in addressing the challenges they confront—is both a reflection of the respect they deserve and an expression of the optimism necessary in seeking to manifest positive change.

Exploration and discovery

Understanding what is already known—and finding answers to what is not—is essential to generating the insight needed to inform successful strategies. Monitoring and measuring along the way allows for learning and iteration that builds on success and makes course corrections as needed.

Collaboration and collective impact

Change is more attainable and sustainable when stakeholders within and across sectors recognize their role in it and are compelled to take action in the way most authentic and appropriate for them. Building bridges and coalitions—and uncovering shared core values that can support actionable alignment—is key to building the capacity of sectors and movements to grow and remain durable over time.


We are stakeholder-centric. Our commitment to authentic, ongoing engagement with stakeholders enables us to understand and respect their core values, worldviews and lived experiences, as well as the influence of cultural, social and historical context, including prejudice and systemic oppression. This partnership allows for the constructive exchange of ideas and information, discovery of common ground, and stronger ownership and commitment, leading to more enduring and sustainable change.

Tailored approaches

Creating sustainable social change requires tailored strategies, innovations and interventions that seize opportunities to meet the unique needs of stakeholders. We employ a full spectrum of levers to manifest change in: narratives; attitudes and understanding; policies, systems and practices; behaviors; and social norms.

We are working to be an anti-racist company 

Black Lives Matter.

Racism—in the United States and around the world—runs deep. In the U.S., it is ingrained in our systems, including business, banking, electoral politics, education, policing, justice, media, health care and housing—in every aspect of life. Those who walk through the world with white privilege do not know, and cannot understand, the pain, fear and impact of being targeted by hate borne of racist ideas and practices that have shaped and continue to sustain systemic racism.

MG/ISMG recognizes we have much work to do ourselves—as individuals and as an organization. We stand in solidarity with The Movement for Black Lives and other movements committed to anti-racism. We are committed to working in coalition with BIPOC changemakers and communities to re-imagine and to advocate for the systemic changes needed for a more just and equitable society.

In this moment of racial reckoning, and long after the spotlight dims, we understand that statements of solidarity are not sufficient without action. As an agency, we are committed to actively undertaking the work of anti-racism. We will learn, un-learn, listen, repair and disrupt the ways racism shows up in our lives, our workplace and our communities. We are committed to this journey and to using the power of our voices to make the lasting changes needed to build an anti-racist workplace and community.

We're a B Corp

As a Certified B Corp and mission-driven company, MG is committed to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. MG meets the most rigorous international standards of social and environmental performance, workplace equity, good governance and transparency. Learn more about our assessment and see our results.

Since 2014, MG has been honored as a Best for the World company by B Lab, earning an overall score in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations globally on the B Impact Assessment, a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s impact on its workers, community and the environment.  

More about B Corps

Over 50,000 businesses in 64 countries have taken the B Impact Assessment. Of these, 3,064 companies meet enough of the criteria for Social, Environmental, Workplace, Community and Governance to become Certified B Corps. The standards of the B Impact Assessment, which are updated by an international committee, are seen as the most rigorous social and environmental business standards. 

Check out our own Yvonne Tengwall talking about what it means to her to be part of a B Corp.

Our Manifesto: The Power of Voice

Voice is a critical catalyst for social change.

Who has the power of voice and who does not often determines:

Who has access to decent housing, fair wages, safe food, clean water and quality health care

Who is safe, and who feels safe and able to express their views

Who has the resources to advocate for their beliefs and rights

Who has their perspective accurately portrayed in mainstream media

Who votes, who influences and makes policy

Who has the ability to make change within organizations and communities

These and many other manifestations of the power of voice all impact the quality of life and the culture and health of communities around the globe.

Read the full manifesto.

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