Reset the Table: Transforming the U.S. Food System

Reset the Table: Transforming the U.S. Food System

Reset the Table: Messaging Guide supports systems change advocates to promote the transformation of the U.S. food system.


Our food system and the policies and practices that support it, are deeply inequitable. As one of the major contributors to economic equity, health and environmental challenges, it is long overdue for change.

In late 2019, The Rockefeller Foundation launched a project to research and design an initiative to help accelerate transforming the food system in the United States to make it healthier, more equitable, resilient and sustainable. The result was the release of “Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System” that outlines a series of fundamental shifts to effectively promote healthy people and a healthy planet.

As food insecurity exploded in 2020, while supporting its grantees in providing emergency food through schools across the country, the Foundation sought insights from hundreds of people and organizations in both #meetingthemoment and setting the stage for a much-needed transformation of the food system. Farmers and food activists, social justice leaders and public health researchers, food industry leaders and environmental leaders and many others came together, virtually, to identify lessons learned and to spotlight the shifts needed to transform this inequitable system.

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