Fernanda Salazar Mejía

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Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order. — Virginia Woolf

Fernanda has 15 years of experience working with diverse stakeholders, including both houses of the Mexican Congress, federal and local authorities, the private sector and NGOs, to advance policies based on understanding their diverse needs and expectations, and implementing communication strategies.

Fernanda strongly believes that inclusion and diversity need to be at the core of effective community engagement and strategic communication for sustainable social change. She brings an intersectional lens and gender perspective approach to the work she does with organizations and stakeholders, and is passionate about turning thinking into action and solutions. Her areas of expertise include: 

  • Strategy development
  • Capacity building
  • Messaging 
  • Cultivation of partnerships
  • Public policy 
  • Research


Previous to MG, Fernanda served as transparency director for the Mexican Senate. She has worked as a consultant to international organizations, such as UN Women, where she developed research and recommendations to foster women’s political participation and enhance policies against gender-based political violence. In the past years, she has provided strategic and technical assistance to a cohort of NGOs in Mexico, and has worked to strengthen the intersectional lens and gender perspective in the work she does with feminist and human rights organizations.

Her educational achievements include:

  • Master of Arts, constitutional law and human rights, Universidad Panamericana
  • Bachelor of Arts, political sciences and public administration, Universidad Iberoamericana
  • Certificate on methods of dialogue, Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution

In Community

When she is not busy leading human rights campaigns, Fernanda enjoys spending her time dancing, doing yoga and exercise, hanging out with friends, singing karaoke, and attending cinema and theater. Fernanda has also started to explore writing short stories as a pasttime. 


Fernanda’s Ideas

What if progress meant well-being for all?

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