Our 33rd Anniversary Letter to Friends and Stakeholders

2021 was a year of severe challenges to public health, the environment, racial justice and systems based upon democratic values. It was also a year that demonstrated the power of people and communities who demanded accountability, made incredible scientific advances, and created meaningful practice and policy changes. More than ever, the past year made clear connections between public health, climate equity and social change. 2021 unequivocally demonstrated the importance of change agents using their power of voice to catalyze movements and inspire community action.

We are privileged to work with these change agents and the communities they serve. From global migration, vaccine access, biodiversity conservation, environmental racism, gender violence, judicial reform and protecting civil society organizations to many other issues, our team has been honored to partner in the work of advancing a more just and sustainable world. In addition, this year has been a time of growth and learning for our staff. We have continued to invest in and focus on our justice, equity, diversity and inclusion journey, and we have grown our team to meet the needs of our clients by adding 18 incredible new Metropolitan Group/Impacto Social Metropolitan Group (MG/ISMG) staff.

In this 33rd annual letter to stakeholders, we share updates, resources and stories of our clients’ work. As we begin our 34th year, we are deeply committed to advancing the shared imperatives of public health, environmental sustainability and social justice—and we are excited to collaborate with you in this work. On behalf of all of us at MG/ISMG, we wish you a year of impact and purpose.

In commitment and community,

—The MG/ISMG team

Metropolitan Group tiene una compañía hermana con sede en la Ciudad de México. Impacto Social Metropolitan Group