Reimagining the US Public Health Sector

Reimagining the US Public Health Sector

Article published in Stanford Social Innovation Review.


"Reimagining the US Public Health Sector," published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review discusses how five realities have made the US public health sector’s response to COVID-19 even more challenging, including low levels of social cohesion and trust in our institutions, and high levels of polarization and politicization, all set against the backdrop of deep and entrenched systemic racism.

Steps we can take to address five challenging realities

It would be hard to imagine a more challenging time than the present for the United States to confront a global public health crisis during which people are asked to trust their government, the medical establishment, and science, and to take steps that impose inconvenience on themselves to protect others.

Among the steps recommended in the article is the development and deployment of a new narrative, grounded in core values, that defines public health and articulates the importance of it to us collectively and individually. Another critical step is confronting systemic racism, not just as a social determinant of health, but also as a challenge to be addressed within the public health system itself.

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