Harnessing Infrastructure to Advance Racial Equity and Climate Justice

In April 2022, we hosted a convening on “Harnessing Infrastructure to Advance Racial Equity and Climate Justice.” The discussion was poignant, hopeful and included Jacqui PattersonEzra MilchmanVernice Miller-Travis and Jennifer Messenger. Our expert panel shared examples of so-called “common good” infrastructure investments that brought benefits to white communities and generational trauma and disenfranchisement to Black, Brown, Indigenous, immigrant and low wealth communities. At the same time, our panelists reflected on the promise and potential of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to correct historic wrongs and create an enduring set of conditions that meaningfully advance racial equity and justice.

The discussion was informed by the participation of about 85 thought leaders spanning disciplines, sectors and organizations. If you would like to view the full conversation, click here or watch the video below. We have also recapped highlights from our panelists in this Medium blog—we encourage your comments and shares.

If, after reviewing the above links, you have questions or reflections related to infrastructure and its connection to environmental justice, climate or health equity, we’d be happy to set up some time to continue the conversation. We welcome the opportunity to shape ideas together.

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