Ezra Milchman

Ezra Milchman

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We borrow the world from our children. — Kashmiri proverb

As seismic shifts in our world create challenge and uncertainty, Ezra focuses on equipping large, complex organizations that humanity is counting on to save the planet with the clarity and certainty they need to make decisions that drive mission success.

In guiding organizations to clarity around their purpose, strategy and brand, Ezra specializes in uncovering the myriad of variables contributing to an overall problem and taking a holistic approach to building 21st century solutions. In this way he helps clients see opportunities for leadership and decision-making that might otherwise be missed and that greatly enhance certainty of mission success.

Ezra has spent his career building social movements focused on land and water conservation, saving imperiled species, advancing a clean energy future, and removing toxics from the places people live, work and play. Originally trained as a biologist and environmental scientist, and later as a communicator and fundraiser, Ezra specializes in crafting global and national environmental strategy in partnership with local grassroots organizations needed to inform and sustain change on the ground.

Anchored to his core values of responsibility, justice, and caring for people and planet, Ezra has worked tirelessly over decades to build a more powerful movement for environmental protection. He does this by helping clients effectively communicate science; tune into the shared values of fractured communities; and synergize the efforts of those fighting for climate action, public health and social justice.

Ezra has worked extensively in the for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors, in communities coast to coast in the U.S., Mexico, Latin America and Africa. He is a “maven” in various services Metropolitan Group provides:

  • Organizational culture and systems change
  • Branding and brand strategy
  • Strategic communication
  • Leadership team building and executive coaching
  • Intercultural facilitation
  • Marketing and fundraising


  • President and CEO, River Network, a national river protection organization
  • National Director, Land Trust Alliance
  • Director of Protection, The Nature Conservancy

Ezra has a Bachelor of Science in biology and science from Tufts University and completed advanced studies in philanthropy at Indiana University.

In Community

Ezra is a passionate family man who gains daily inspiration from the husband he adores and daughter he cherishes. As a gay man in a transracial family, Ezra is actively involved in the fight for LGBTQI equality, racial justice and the rights of adoptive parents and children. Ezra is an avid world traveler, hiker and fisherman with an equally strong passion for theater and music. At his most peaceful moments, Ezra can be found cooking outside in the garden, listening to his daughter, Vivien belt out tunes on the radio and husband, James report on recent events in beloved Africa.

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