The Time Is Now

Stakeholder Mapping: A Tool to Advance Social Change Strategies

Public Will Building

What Is a Narrative?

Voice: Shifting Narratives to Create a Just and Sustainable World

Measuring What Matters

3Vs: Values. Value. Voice.

Rethinking where “art” happens, and why it’s important for social change

What happened?

Over 1,000 people registered for the inaugural WeCreate408 campaign, which inspired thousands of shared posts and countless other actions. Hundreds of people came out to explore San José, celebrate the city, and connect with family, friends and neighbors through creative expression. Ultimately the campaign helped people embrace arts, culture and creative expression as a way to celebrate their diverse communities and practices, share with and get to know their neighbors, and make their individual and collective voices heard.

From our client:

“We worked in partnership with Metropolitan Group for years on the Creating Connection initiative, which served to strengthen the local arts and cultural sector by providing organizations with proven messages and strategies that demonstrate the connection between their offerings and the public’s existing values. When we wanted to expand that spirit to engage all of the people who live in, work in and visit San José, we turned again to MG for their strategy, creativity and engaging design work to launch WeCreate408. I really appreciate their long-time collaboration.”

—Kerry Adams Hapner, Director, City of San José Office of Cultural Affairs 

Creative Expression

Engaging the nation with the relevance of shared stories

What happened?

Millions of people engaged with Shakespeare live, in the media and through social media. Nearly 600,000 people attended “The Wonder of Will” exhibits and events. Over 1.8 million unique visitors engaged with content on the campaign site. Over 7,000 media stories were placed, from The New York Times and The New Yorker to the BBC and CBS Sunday Morning, creating over 300 million impressions, combined with the ad campaign. Nearly 4,000 teachers participated in workshops to transform how Shakespeare is taught. Millions were engaged through social media partnerships and sharing their Shakespeare story at #MySHX400.This campaign reminded us that Shakespeare belongs to all of us, that his world is vast, and that it explores the imagination and the human heart.

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