Consent-Based Siting and the Biden Approach to Environmental Justice

Check out Kayla Beard‘s first MG byline published on Medium here. In this piece she explores topics such as environmental justice, consent-based siting and the Biden Administration.

“Environmental justice has become a buzzword and a shimmering pearl at the heart of the Biden-Harris administration’s approach to mitigating climate change. My introduction to environmental justice (EJ) began when I started working at Metropolitan Group. Though my passion for the environment was ignited more than a decade ago, I wasn’t aware that there was a term to describe the necessary work of demanding equity for communities that have been disproportionately impacted by environmental toxicity and the consequences of industrial growth and governmental negligence. I’ve since learned that for more than 40 years, a dedicated group of advocates has been building a movement that has finally gained federal support from the current administration.”


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