Colaboratoria’s Rexistir was an event inspired by the slogan “I exist because I resist.”

Colaboratoria is a strategic communication community and laboratory, based in Mexico City, that aims to strengthen capacities of civil society organizations, as well as facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences among them in order to achieve positive social change. Admission to all our events are free and our areas of focus promote diversity, inclusion and respect.

“Rexistir” was a space we created inspired by the slogan “I exist because I resist,” which reminds us of the strength and resilience—as well as the joy and pride in the face of adversity—that often characterizes people and communities in activism, movements and social organizations. This event sought to honor those who contribute, everyday, to building a more just and inclusive society in Mexico. We shared reflections and tools from a diverse range of experts.

During the event the community shared art and creativity, spaces for conversation, exchange of knowledge, as well as great food and lively music! Our attendees went home with three things:

  1. More skills and strategies that they could apply and adapt to their own campaigns.
  2. More resilient tools that they could incorporate into workshops for social change.
  3. A larger network of allies, partners, collaborators. It has been especially important for our communities to reconnect after such a long time of working remotely due to COVID-19.


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