Ximena Canseco Michel

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Que tus palabras sean ciertas. Que sean del tamaño de tus sentimientos. — Rosario Castellanos

Ximena is a proactive, young woman who has always found great interest in the mechanisms that allow us humans to mold our realities, change our surroundings and improve the quality of our lives.

As a senior associate at ISMG, Ximena possesses a unique sensitivity, analytical skills and intellectual capacity, which reflect on her thorough understanding of the challenges that people face in the realm of justice. She is fully committed to our vision to build a more just and sustainable world, and that is shown through the projects she gets involved in.

Her areas of expertise are:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Capacity building
  • Strategy


In 2012, federal elections took place in Mexico. Ximena was caught up by the excitement transmitted throughout the campaigns and eager to understand the mechanisms behind the Mexican political and electoral system, and she decided to pursue a B.A. in political science and public administration at Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO). Her dissertation was called, “The Role of Education and Its Tools as a Preventive Measure in the Process of Street Living in Mexico City”

In Community

Ximena loves musical theater, cooking and reading love novels. Her extracurricular activities and experience include: 

  •  President of the Political Science and Public Administration Student Council of the Universidad Iberoamericana
  •  One of the three student moderators of the first debate for senators from Mexico City
  •  Member of the university network in support of the Indigenous Government Council
  •  Assistant registered with the National Electoral Institute

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