Jason Rambo

Jason Rambo joined Metropolitan Group in 2000 to ensure the smooth functioning of office computer systems. His diverse professional background, which ranges from electronics repair to fine cabinetry and retail management, is put to full use in his role as MG’s operations manager. His focus on technical, organizational, and facilities issues aids the smooth functioning of the company. He is responsible for strategic planning of technology systems, computer system deployment, and the management of MG facilities. On an individual level, he provides day-to-day technical and office support and coordinates staff training for all MG employees. His efforts allow other staff members to focus on producing outstanding results for clients.

Jason graduated from the University of Oregon in 1996. His academic focus was on cognitive science and human factors engineering.

In 2004 he rediscovered the joys of cycling and has since ridden his bicycle over 30,000 miles commuting to work and training for organized rides that raise funds to support regional causes. In his spare time, he volunteers time to support grassroots democracy & studies the nature of being and the impact of ego attachment on the experience of joy.