Reimagining the US Public Health Sector

Migration Narratives, Policy and Power

What if progress meant well-being for all?

Supporting advocates to build racial equity into public health policy

What happened?

MG and Voices for Healthy Kids produced a robust message guide and hosted a series of trainings for grantees, for affinity groups working on specific policy issues, for funders and others, and the guide is being used across the country. Advocates are reporting they are using the messages to work more effectively in coalitions and to advance racial equity policies. 

The guide is available for free and open use, and is applicable for securing racial equity language in a variety of policies that can help address public health disparities.

Lori Fresina

From our client:

“This work is a core part of our journey to be a racial equity organization, and MG could not have been a better partner. They were able to hold racial justice outcomes, our organizational strategy and our grantees’ communication needs in equal measure, guiding us through a process that advanced all three aims. MG is a long-term ally and partner.”

—Lori Fresina, Vice President and Executive Director of Voices for Healthy Kids, American Heart Association

Fighting impunity and championing the critical role of civil society

Goals4 Justice social media posts

What Happened?

Engagement with the #Goals4Justice (#GolsXLaJusticia) hashtag on social media was remarkable. Seventy-three million people on Twitter and 31 million on Facebook made a difference. The presidential contest showed the candidates embracing the potential of an anti-impunity agenda. And action was swift; the new government enacted a new law to create the National Prosecutor’s Office. The Public Square Initiative, providing interactive art and exposure to a civil society agenda, reached and engaged millions of people. Our media outreach and digital strategy reached 4.5 million people and engaged thousands. At least 300,000 people visited the exhibit. Most importantly, based on on-site polling, we identified the positive impact it had in terms of awareness, understanding and relevance: 80% of respondents better understood the relevance of civil society organizations after experiencing the art piece, 94%thought it was worth supporting organizations working on justice and equity, 93% said they thought they could improve Mexico’s reality by supporting each other and working toward common goals after visiting the exhibit, and 80% left with a greater sense of hope and trust. This work is ongoing.

Ximena Andion Ford Foundation

From our client

“I just wanted to emphasize the fantastic work that Metropolitan Group/Impacto Social Metropolitan Group has been doing in partnership with the Ford Foundation in Mexico. We have been working for various years to advance the change in narrative and public will on the issue of impunity. This work has been innovative and groundbreaking. We have gained a great deal of experience, and it has been very successful.”

Ximena Andión Ibañez, Program Officer, Ford Foundation Mexico and Central America

Protecting opportunity for young people by ensuring reproductive freedom

What Happened?

Power to Decide’s brand was embraced quickly and enthusiastically by all audiences, and has helped bring new supporters to the table. The reproductive well-being narrative is at the center of the organization’s communication, and its partners across the nation are beginning to use it as well. The staff is sharing the audience research that informed the narrative so others working to advance reproductive rights and access may learn from and act on what people say they need. The organization continues to be a leading, trusted and nonpartisan resource for young people, policymakers, advocates and other stakeholders.

From our client:

“MG is a longtime and trusted partner. They guided us through a major brand shift, helping to create Power to Decide as both our identity and our imperative: to ensure that everyone has the power to decide if, when and under what circumstances to have a child. This shift increased our impact and our ability to attract partners and funders. The MG team deeply understands our commitment to equity, asks the right questions to guide and stretch us, and builds smart strategies that increase support for reproductive well-being and access to information and care.”

—Bill Albert, Chief Innovation Officer, Power to Decide

Improving lives and livelihoods for the next 100 years

Being in Community

What happened?

As a result of work together, the Forest Service is transforming its organizational culture to be more interdependent, deepening and diversifying relationships with stakeholders, and becoming more visible and active in community. This is creating a groundswell of public interest in the Forest Service mission. Specifically, the Forest Service is benefitting from an improving work environment where employees feel safer and more cared for; record levels of appropriations designed to prevent escalating wildland fire costs from cannibalizing core conservation programs; vastly improved standing and relationships with individual state and local governments; and the emergence of a more interdependent science arm to improve land management decisions in an era of climate change.

Cal Joyner

From our client:

“MG helped us discover the values underpinning who the Forest Service is today, both from internal introspection that links to our Pinchot core, but more importantly, validated with the American people through focus groups that explored who they want their Forest Service to be in terms of both values and how we show up. I appreciate what MG brings to every conversation, particularly the ability to lead from the side, and how they challenge us to be our best selves. There is so much more that I now know to be possible since we began working with MG. You are part of us.” 

—Cal Joyner, Southwest Regional Forester (retired)

The Time Is Now

Reclaiming the narrative about Native peoples in the United States

What happened?

A new Native-led initiative, IllumiNative ( has emerged from this work—one that uses a “movement of movements” approach to advance the new narrative to promote systemic and cultural changes across multiple sectors. Media and entertainment companies are asking for the Reclaiming Native Truth research and are engaging in conversations to help shift the narrative. A website houses the research, narrative change strategy and message guides that are freely shared for all, while organizing efforts continue in support of strategy implementation.

Promises to Keep

Metropolitan Group tiene una compañía hermana con sede en la Ciudad de México. Impacto Social Metropolitan Group