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Being in Community

What happened?

As a result of work together, the Forest Service is transforming its organizational culture to be more interdependent, deepening and diversifying relationships with stakeholders, and becoming more visible and active in community. This is creating a groundswell of public interest in the Forest Service mission. Specifically, the Forest Service is benefitting from an improving work environment where employees feel safer and more cared for; record levels of appropriations designed to prevent escalating wildland fire costs from cannibalizing core conservation programs; vastly improved standing and relationships with individual state and local governments; and the emergence of a more interdependent science arm to improve land management decisions in an era of climate change.

Cal Joyner

From our client:

“MG helped us discover the values underpinning who the Forest Service is today, both from internal introspection that links to our Pinchot core, but more importantly, validated with the American people through focus groups that explored who they want their Forest Service to be in terms of both values and how we show up. I appreciate what MG brings to every conversation, particularly the ability to lead from the side, and how they challenge us to be our best selves. There is so much more that I now know to be possible since we began working with MG. You are part of us.” 

—Cal Joyner, Southwest Regional Forester (retired)

The Time Is Now

Promises to Keep

Stakeholder Mapping: A Tool to Advance Social Change Strategies

Public Will Building

What Is a Narrative?

Measuring What Matters

Ensuring every sixth-grader statewide experiences Outdoor School

What happened?

There is now funding on a statewide basis so all districts can provide this experience to their students. Within 10 years, approximately 500,000 students will experience this week-long, life-changing outdoor program. They will be joined by 30,000 high school student counselors and teachers who will gain leadership experience while participating in community service and deepen their understanding of our natural resources and communities. MG is honored to have partnered with visionary leaders to establish the nation’s first fully funded, statewide Outdoor School program.

Promoting midwifery in Mexico

What happened?

Already 14 of 32 state health systems in Mexico have started to bring in midwives to work alongside health providers. Acceptance of midwives as essential to maternal health care is growing. Early adopter clinics and hospitals have reported that the integration of professional midwives has started to:

  • Create more balanced patient loads for providers
  • Increase the provision of more humane reproductive care
  • Improve prenatal care and deliveries with mothers whose pregnancies are low risk, with the support of doctors when needed
  • Provide doctors with more time to focus on patients with complications and other needs

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