Protecting opportunity for young people by ensuring reproductive freedom


Focus Areas

When people have the power to decide if, when and under what circumstances to get pregnant, they are better able to create the future they want. But too many lack that power. With a strong brand and narrative of empowerment, Power to Decide is changing that.

What was the challenge?

Lack of information and access to the full range of options means that only about half of young people use contraception consistently or at all, and 80 percent of pregnancies are described by young women themselves as unplanned. This creates a persistent barrier to opportunity—especially for economically disadvantaged or marginalized young people. Power to Decide has worked with MG to increase its ability to close this gap.

What did we do?

Our relationship with Power to Decide started with national conversations with girls and young women in African-American and Latino communities to understand their perceptions and needs related to birth control. 

Insights from this exploration and the organization’s strategic planning process confirmed a hunch: Its name at the time, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, no longer worked. We engaged staff, partners, supporters and young people to explore the organization’s unique value. Through online engagement, thousands of people across the U.S. helped us shape the organization’s new name, Power to Decide, and brand identity; MG brought those to life with a new visual brand, website, collateral and social media platforms.

Power to Decide has continued to partner with MG on additional initiatives, including an access campaign in Missouri and collaboration with a national steering committee to develop a new empowerment- and autonomy-based narrative for reproductive well-being.

What Happened?

Power to Decide’s brand was embraced quickly and enthusiastically by all audiences, and has helped bring new supporters to the table. The reproductive well-being narrative is at the center of the organization’s communication, and its partners across the nation are beginning to use it as well. The staff is sharing the audience research that informed the narrative so others working to advance reproductive rights and access may learn from and act on what people say they need. The organization continues to be a leading, trusted and nonpartisan resource for young people, policymakers, advocates and other stakeholders.

From our client:

“MG is a longtime and trusted partner. They guided us through a major brand shift, helping to create Power to Decide as both our identity and our imperative: to ensure that everyone has the power to decide if, when and under what circumstances to have a child. This shift increased our impact and our ability to attract partners and funders. The MG team deeply understands our commitment to equity, asks the right questions to guide and stretch us, and builds smart strategies that increase support for reproductive well-being and access to information and care.”

—Bill Albert, Chief Innovation Officer, Power to Decide

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