Creating an inspiring, inclusive brand for enjoying and advocating for nature

A leading force for Oregon conservation for over a century, Portland Audubon sought to deepen its connection with communities across the state and clarify its brand to powerfully engage more people to advance environmental advocacy and education.

What was the challenge?

Through advocacy, environmental education and other programs, Portland Audubon inspires all people to love and protect birds, wildlife, and the natural environment upon which life depends. It’s the largest independent chapter of the National Audubon Society and one of 12 in Oregon. Yet despite its 100-year history and strong name awareness, its brand was perceived as only being about bird watching and not its broader vision and work.

What did we do?

Portland Audubon wanted to bring together rural and urban populations to activate meaningful conservation efforts. We designed a collaborative listening tour, led by Audubon staff, to engage new and existing partners and communities, reaching nearly 600 people. The themes that emerged helped to articulate a clear and powerful brand including Audubon’s core values, unique value and the voice with which it engages its communities. From there, we: 

  • Developed a message framework to communicate the brand and unify Portland Audubon’s programs and priorities
  • Crafted a new tagline that conveys its community ethos, its work connecting people to nature and its advocacy role: “Together for Nature” 
  • Designed a refreshed logo and visual identity that reflects its voice and pays homage to its history
  • Recommended a name change, dropping the word “Society” (which many perceived as outdated and exclusive) in favor of the more direct “Portland Audubon”
  • Applied the new brand to its website redesign and to the electronic and print newsletter, the Warbler

What happened?

In the spring of 2019, the refreshed Portland Audubon brand was launched. One Portland Audubon stakeholder said it best: “Great website! I sent a message to all my conservation friends that they need to take a look at it.” 

Since the rebrand, Portland Audubon has seen success in repositioning the organization, and supporting outreach and engagement of new members. And, it reported that year-end giving website traffic increased by 55% year over year. Traffic to other key web pages also grew significantly; in a seven-month period, their Ecotours page traffic increased 93%, and Volunteer page traffic grew by 54%.

From our client:

“We 100% made the right choice by going with Metropolitan Group. A company is only as good as its people. I’m so thankful for the team we had. I’m so grateful to MG all for your hard work, your vision, your ability to see us and see our community, and help us move forward in a way that will strengthen every single one of our programs.”

Ali Berman, Communications Manager, Portland Audubon

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