Rodolfo Córdova Alcaraz

To Connect

With patience and persistence, until dignity becomes a habit.

Rodolfo hates jargonistic phrases, but in sum, he tries to be coherent between his principles and values and the decisions he makes to foster equality and justice in every aspect of his daily life.

As one of our social justice leads, Rodolfo leaves his mark as a change agent on all of his work. His experience is invaluable to ISMG—Impacto Social Metropolitan Group—where ISMG and MG staff collaborate on projects essential to the well-being of the Mexican people. Rodolfo has created communication and advocacy strategies to foster change through policies and practices to guarantee justice and peace, particularly for victims of forced disappearances, migrants, refugees and children, while strengthening the capacities of the institutions he works for. He applies both a human rights and intersectional lens to his work. Rodolfo’s areas of expertise:

  • Strategy and advocacy development and implementation
  • Organizational development and transformation
  • Strategic communication
  • Multi-stakeholder coalitions
  • Fundraising


Prior to joining ISMG, Rodolfo held the following positions:

  • Deputy director, Foundation of Justice and Rule of Law, Mexico
  • Technical secretary, International Network on Migration and Development (INMD), Mexico
  • Project coordinator and researcher, Fundar, Research and Analysis Center, Mexico
  • Project officer, International Organization for Migration, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Independent consultant: the Inter-American Development Bank; the World Bank; the International Organization for Migration’s Regional Office for the European Union, U.K. and Uruguay; Open Society Foundations; Sandblast Arts; and Sussex Center for Migration Research at University of Sussex, U.K.

Rodolfo holds a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from ITAM University and a Master of Arts in migration studies from the University of Sussex.

In Community

Rodolfo enjoys spending time with himself. As a self-described introvert, he likes to connect with his deeper self and recharge batteries for continuing endless missions. When he’s not working, you can find him spending time with his family and his Shining Light. He is involved in the following volunteer positions: 

  • First chair and member, Civilian Advisory Board of the National Migration Institute, Mexico
  • Board member, Centro de Derechos del Migrante, Inc., and Asamblea Popular de Familias Migrantes 
  • Regional ambassador, the Americas for the Global Leadership Academy of the GIZ.

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