Rachel Harrison

To Connect

The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue. — Dorothy Parker

Rachel describes herself as a word nerd, spreadsheet jockey and soccer junkie. All that excitement makes her an outstanding finance manager at MG.

Rachel is an experienced business analyst with a passion for words and linguistics, making her a unique being in the world of finance. Her skills make her an excellent finance manager, ensuring that MG’s accounting, billing and financial systems run smoothly. Always looking to create positive iteration, she uses her creativity to help improve financial operations and processes. Rachel’s areas of expertise: 

  • Finance and accounting
  • Budget analysis
  • Revenue/Cash forecasting
  • Excel wizardry
  • PM software wrangling


Prior to MG, Rachel served as a business analyst and operations guru at AHA creative services agency. Rachel has the following educational degrees: 

  • M.A., teaching English as a second language, University of Idaho
  • B.A., linguistics, Western Washington University
  • Spanish and Mexican culture studies, Centro Mexicano, Morelia, Michoacán

In Community

Rachel serves as treasurer emeritus of the 107 Independent Supporters Trust, the nonprofit engine of the supporters groups for the Portland Timbers and Thorns soccer teams.

Rachel is a die-hard soccer fan. She can be found standing in the supporters section at every Portland Timbers soccer match, where she is a loyal member of the Timbers Army. She is also the proud and obsessive guardian of two cats and a (ahem) spirited little dog who she is learning to train to live among humans.

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