Madeline Byers

To Connect

If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people. — Virginia Woolf

Madeline is driven by an appetite for cultivating equality and beauty in our ever-changing world. She holds a guiding belief that no detail is too small—this helps bring sense and style to her projects at MG/ISMG.

Madeline savors connecting teams to analyze, dissect, and solve complex questions and problems. She thrives when weaving project threads behind the scenes, which allows her team to focus on strategic and creative expression in the service of building power of voice.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Developing detailed project plans and timelines
  • Building team morale and rapport
  • Social and digital content development 
  • Maintaining project scopes and budgets


Six plus years of experience as a project manager working across multidisciplinary creative deliverables has taught Madeline the inner workings of getting from A to Z. She is a lover of literature and has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Puget Sound where she majored in English Literature.

In Community

Madeline has a penchant for pearls and chartreuse, foreign cinema, international travel, and lingering over five hour lunches. She loves spending time with her wacky family and friends, browsing book stores, and building community through intimate connections.

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