Carlos Paz

To Connect

Beauty in things exists in the mind that contemplates them. — David Hume

Carlos is passionate about collaborating with people to make things happen. As a project manager at ISMG, he looks for ways to support his teams to deliver outstanding value.

Carlos believes that change is always possible and requires a systemic mindset. His previous experience at for profit and nonprofit organizations has allowed him to understand the needs, interests and cultures of multiple groups, as well as their stakeholders. Carlos has used his ability to create fluid collaborations to mediate and lead his teams above and beyond expectations. He’s continually striving to improve in all that he does.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Project management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Business innovation
  • Financial analysis


Carlos worked in financial consulting at one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. He also founded a business sustainability advisory practice at SmartFish (a fisheries conservation NGO based in Mexico), where he also managed projects and developed relationships with a variety of foundations and partners.

Carlos has a bachelor’s degree in economics from UNAM in Mexico and received a master’s in sustainability from Monash University in Australia.

In Community

He regularly volunteers at Dr. Sonrisas, a charity that provides experiences and care for children with chronic and degenerative diseases. Carlos also supports a dog shelter, where he adopted a basset hound.

He enjoys taking weekend getaways outside of Mexico City to see new places, go wine tasting and swim.

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