Strategic Communication

We find out what makes people tick: how they see the world, what they really believe, and whom they trust. We help craft the right message, identify the best messenger and the select the most effective medium.

We listen, we hear, and we learn. We find out what people value and help our clients translate what we find into powerful campaigns, communication strategies, brands, and message frames that motivate sustainable changes in behaviors, policies, purchasing decisions, and expectations that benefit people and their communities.

  • Advocacy and public policy strategies
  • Branding, visual identity, and graphic design
  • Community engagement
  • Digital, online, and social media strategies
  • Issue framing and messaging
  • Media relations and partnerships
  • Public will building campaigns
  • Social marketing campaigns
  • Fundraising campaign brands, communication, videos, and social media


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Clients include: American Library Association, American Public Health Association, Cover Oregon, Illinois Department of Human Services, National Council of La Raza, New Seasons Market, The James Irvine Foundation, USDA Forest Service, YMCA of the USA

Contact our Strategic Communication practice lead: Kevin Kirkpatrick