Digital Strategy

We stand at the center of the digital and social media landscape in order to listen to large populations, see trends and patterns, accelerate engagement and scale solutions. As a catalyst and leader at the intersections of technology, social marketing and public will building, we work with our clients to develop specialized digital strategies to meet needs across different sectors and causes. Our services include:

Digital Intelligence + Insights

  • Audience research and analysis
  • Social listening
  • Brand, issue and narrative analysis
  • Competitor/opposition intelligence
  • Crisis mitigation, monitoring and management


Strategy Development

  • Content strategy + marketing
  • Email marketing + CRM strategy
  • Paid media + social advertising
  • Thought leadership
  • Creative strategy + design
  • Building strategic capacity for digital



  • Campaign development + implementation (e.g. advocacy, awareness and understanding, fundraising, earned income)
  • Community management + stakeholder engagement
  • Narrative advancement strategy
  • Creative strategy + design


Technology Development

  • Platform creation
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Virtual networks
  • U/X + U/I strategy


Contact our Digital Strategy practice lead: Shakirah Hill