Rob Sassor

vice president

There are no impossible causes on this earth if they are good causes.
–Granny D. (Doris Haddock)

Bringing a passion for sustainability and nature conservation, Rob joined MG as a Senior Associate in 2012 following nine years dedicated to social and environmental communication in a range of professional and volunteer capacities. He excels at engaging audiences to inform conservation design and to promote enabling environments for pro-social and pro-environmental causes.
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Rob Sassor is passionate about the environment, social justice, creative expression, and where those fields interconnect. After earning his English degree at Willamette University, Rob moved to Washington, D.C., where he conducted research and served as a ghostwriter for a range of social and environmental causes, contributing to more than 150 published works and two books. Rob went on to assess the efficacy of positive versus negative messages in communicating and fundraising for nature conservation, which culminated in a Masters in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge.

Rob’s most affecting lessons about conservation arose from his time with the Jane Goodall Institute in western Tanzania, where he led a team of eight to develop the conservation plan for the greater Gombe ecosystem and its famous chimpanzees. He subsequently initiated core pieces of that plan, most notably by designing and launching a wildfire prevention campaign across fire-prone regions of Tanzania.

Now a vice president, Rob leads Metropolitan Group’s Washington, D.C. office where he helps clients deepen impact through direct support and capacity-building efforts. His clients include NASA Earth Science Division, the American Public Health Association. African Wildlife Foundation and the national Creating Connection initiative to make creative expression, arts and culture more recognized, valued and expected parts of everyday life.

Rob is currently revising his first novel, which centers on nature and climate change themes.