Kiernan Doherty

executive vice president for client services

I’m always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.
~ Pablo Picasso

Kiernan brings 15 years of experience in social purpose communication strategy and capacity building as executive vice president for client services. She specializes in communication strategy, branding, message development, digital marketing, media relations as well as organizational culture change, leadership development, and multicultural engagement.

She has a particular passion for work at the intersection of strategic communication and organizational development, helping clients build a structure that allows them to best achieve their goals, seize opportunities and maximize their impact—all while increasing their relevance to key audiences and stakeholders.


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Kiernan also works on cutting-edge social marketing and public will building campaigns for a variety of clients. Her team’s work to increase colorectal cancer screening rates in Oregon and the campaign’s unique approach has been the subject of national interest and study. Some of her other recent clients include the USDA Forest Service and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Prior to joining MG, Kiernan worked for the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C., where she wrote stories for its tri-weekly publication, News from France. Kiernan also worked in the capital as the media lead for Manning Selvage & Lee for clients such as Best Buy and National Geographic Education Foundation, the latter of which instilled in her a lifelong respect for and interest in Geography and travel.