What’s legal? We’ll tell you!



Metropolitan Group is working with the State of Oregon (via the Oregon Liquor Control Commission) to educate Oregonians about the rules of recreational marijuana use before Measure 91 takes effect on July 1st, 2015. The campaign, “What’s Legal? Educate Before You Recreate” highlights the important information about and limitations around recreational marijuana possession and usage for adults 21 or older.

MG built and designed the campaign strategy and executions, including print materials, videos and a micro site; and devised a partnership strategy and toolkit to help spread the word.

Though aspects of the law are still being determined and formalized, the current rules state that beginning July 1st:

  • You can possess and use recreational marijuana if you are 21 and older.
  • You can use recreational marijuana at home or on private property. (You cannot use it in public.)
  • You can possess up to 8 oz of usable marijuana in your home and 1 oz of usable marijuana outside the home.
  • You can grow up to 4 plants per residence, out of public view.
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana remains illegal.
  • You can share or give away recreational marijuana. You can’t sell it or buy it until licensed retail shops open.
  • You can’t take marijuana in or out of the state.
  • You can make edible products at home or receive them as a gift, and you can only use them on private property.


The objective of the campaign is to inform the public about the new laws and encourage both users and non-users to help share the message about how to stay on the legal side of recreational marijuana use. To help spread the word, please visit whatslegaloregon.com for a downloadable toolkit of educational material.

For more information and to stay up to date on any changes, please visit the website to sign up for the e-newsletter or connect with the campaign via FacebookTwitter and Instagram.