PacificCorp: Blue Sky Renewable Energy

PacifiCorp created Blue Sky, a program that enables the utility’s customers to support new renewable development by purchasing blocks of increased wind power production, to raise awareness and capacity for renewable resources throughout its six-state service area. This was a challenging marketing project, as customers were not accustomed to having choice in their power selection and needed deep education to help them understand Blue Sky and its benefits, and it was a complex story for reporters to understand and tell.

PacifiCorp hired MG six months after the launch of Blue Sky to identify and capitalize on ongoing visibility opportunities and keep wind power top-of-mind in the media. In addition to consulting on marketing materials and partnership opportunities, MG created a public noontime event in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland that attracted thousands of people for a brief presentation by community leaders and featured model wind turbines, bubbles, other wind-powered toys, as well as an information fair on Blue Sky and other renewable energy sources. We prepared media spokespeople, managed media announcements on major developments such as PacifiCorp’s investment in Stateline Wind Generating Project, the largest wind farm in the United States, and its first purchase of wind power through Blue Sky. We also worked with reporters on an ongoing basis to place stories about Blue Sky, renewables and consumer-choice power products. During the time we worked with PacifiCorp, the program grew in visibility, gaining additional residential and business customers.