Oregon Health Authority – Improving Care While Controlling Costs

Coordinated care is an emerging trend in health care delivery and coverage, both across the nation and in Oregon, which has led in health care transformation. By emphasizing prevention and making profound changes in how care is delivered, paid for and evaluated, coordinated care aims to improve health while also controlling health care costs. More than one million Oregonians are now receiving coordinated care. So far, it’s holding down cost increases and helping people better manage chronic conditions. People using it say they are more satisfied with their care.

Oregon Health Authority, encouraged by early signs of success, wanted to explore the potential for spreading coordinated care beyond state plans into the private market, so that more Oregonians could benefit. To inform this work, MG conducted research with health insurance brokers, employers who provide health insurance for their employees, and employees themselves to explore their interest in coordinated care, and to understand how to talk about this complex topic in a way that is meaningful and motivating. We developed a set of business- and consumer-friendly messages and outreach strategies, and OHA is now considering our recommendations as it plans for the next phase of health care transformation.