Native Arts and Cultures Foundation

The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) envisions the day when an expanded pool of talented Native artists and culture bearers are at the center of connecting diverse peoples and communities, and their voices can be heard in every region of the country. It will be an era when communities continuously strive to connect with Native Arts in traditional and innovative ways, and nurture the creative process of Native art, because they fully understand the critical role it plays as an agent of change.

Metropolitan Group conducted a planning feasibility study to assess NACF’s readiness to launch a major fundraising campaign; supported the implementation of a new development plan; crafted and implemented a communications plan; and provided coaching to develop the fundraising potential of the NACF Board and National Council.

Strategic communications efforts have built market awareness and donor interest in NACF. The Foundation has vastly expanded its pool of high-capacity prospects, and staff and volunteers have grown their expertise in the art and science of moves management with emphasis on cultivating long-term annual investors for the organization. MG continues to provide strategic counsel to NACF.