NASA Earth Science Division

Creating innovative partnerships to impact global issues


As part of its larger mission to advance science and innovation, NASA is committed to maximizing the potential of Earth observations research to help address urgent challenges facing human populations today, starting with food security, disaster preparedness and response, and freshwater availability. There is great untapped potential for Earth science to drive improved forecasting and decision making on these interconnected issues for the benefit of people around the world.


NASA Earth Science Division (ESD) is partnering with Metropolitan Group to identify, engage and forge partnerships with global organizations seeking more accurate, science-based information to address issues of food security, water availability and natural disasters. As part of this work, MG is helping NASA evolve its voice to be more accessible and oriented to a human scale. The work is designed to engage sectors that NASA has not previously reached, with heavy emphasis on large multinational corporations, leading NGOs in the environmental and humanitarian arena, and coalitions.


NASA has attracted the attention of some the world’s largest corporations and NGOs which are investigating new ways to incorporate NASA science into their work. At the same time, NASA is deploying this effort in the context of their Earth Right Now campaign to make the American public more aware and supportive of addressing global food, water and natural disaster challenges.