NASA on Earth

The world’s most complex questions and challenges often require global perspectives to fully understand and address them. NASA’s Earth Science Division operates the largest Earth observing system in the world, offering free and unparalleled access to high quality information that helps illuminate answers to the most pressing global questions we face. The power of that information is realized, however, when it is understood and used by decision makers and researchers on the ground, around the world.

NASA and MG teamed up to identify and engage partners with whom NASA can collaborate to push the frontiers of science and deepen collaborative capabilities to address the global challenges of freshwater availability, food security and natural disasters. This work is culminating in formal partnerships with several organizations that are leaders within those sectors. They are helping NASA think about how to use its information in new ways.

MG is also working with NASA to infuse its science and communications with stories about the human impacts of NASA’s work. Read one of the featured stories.