Metro: Regional Transportation Plan

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a long-range investment blueprint for making transportation improvements in the Portland metropolitan area. Metro updates the RTP every 4-5 years and decided to use an outcomes-based approach to the current update of the 30-year plan that engaged public stakeholders and regional partners in proactive communication about how future transportation investments can meet regional and community needs and values, such as economic development, public health, equity, and environment and mobility elements. The Making the Greatest Place initiative is set of policy and investment decisions aimed at protecting valuable farm and forest land while maintaining and investing in town and regional centers, transportation corridors and employment areas.

Metropolitan Group was the strategic communication, stakeholder engagement and public involvement consultant for Metro’s Regional Transportation Plan. MG facilitated public meetings, strategic communication planning exercises and work sessions with elected officials and staff to ensure high quality and consistent communication tied to the agency’s mission and priorities. With MG’s assistance, the RTP project successfully completed the federal component of its process in December 2007. MG provided strategic communication and public involvement support as it moved into the approval process for the state component of the plan in 2009. Metro also asked MG to assist in the development of a coordinated communication and engagement plan to illustrate how Metro can integrate elements necessary for the successful adoption of the Urban Growth Report and the Regional Transportation Plan, as well as growth management decisions that are based on the Community Investment Initiative program and the Urban and Rural Reserves program. The combined initiative is known as Making the Greatest Place Initiative. MG continues to provide strategic counsel on the Community Investment Initiative and Climate Smart Communities programs (which emerged from the 2009 approval of the Regional Transportation Plan).