Kaiser Permanente: Every Body Walk!

In 2010, Kaiser Permanente launched the Every Body Walk! Campaign bringing awareness to the multiple benefits of walking and promoting the development of safe, walkable environments.  The campaign grew into a Collaborative of over 100 thought leaders and experts from national and local action groups across public health, healthcare, community development, physical fitness, education, transportation and the environment.  The Collaborative engages these diverse partners and provides a platform for improving communications, increasing coordination and aligning program activities for greater collective impact.

Metropolitan Group has been engaged to work with the collaborative to refine its charter, establishing a set of guiding principles to frame the movement and role of the Collaborative as a catalyst for change.  Our work extends to development of the marketing plan that will provide aligned messaging and a community engagement toolkit that will set the framework for coordinated action across the collaborative.  Focused on aligned action and accountability, we will finalize planning with the Collaborative in a two day intensive later this spring, establishing role clarity, metrics and milestones to guide the groups work over the next eighteen months.