U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Promoting aquatic resource conservation


For far too long the American public has not valued the fish and plant life underwater to the extent that they value plants and animals living above the water line. As a result, an extensive network of fish hatcheries and aquatic research stations across the country is under-resourced and underused by the public. The US Fish & Wildlife Service sought to change this by elevating public interest and engagement in aquatic resource conservation, driving collaborative action amongst divergent stakeholder groups, and attracting private sector investment to the effort.


MG started by identifying and engaging a more diverse set of stakeholders with possible interest in aquatic resource conservation. Through focus groups and interviews we explored their values, needs and motivators. As a result, we surfaced a powerful need and significant interest in launching a new national effort to foster more productive collaboration among environmental, sporting and boating interests on aquatics issues.


Leading national environmental, sporting and boating groups forged better working relationships and new understanding of common policy priorities. The effort also contributed to an internal redesign of US Fish & Wildlife Service programs to better address aquatics issues.