Breakthrough strategy helps Illinois nonprofits engage thousands of key stakeholders

Donors Forum is the only association in Illinois that brings together grant-makers, nonprofits and advisors to promote a strong social-impact sector. In 2014, Donors Forum engaged MG to help identify shared values with nonprofits to engage supporters and policymakers in demonstrating its value, and increasing its impact as part of Building a Stronger Illinois (BSI). The initiative seeks to raise awareness of the nonprofit sector and its impact in the state.

MG collaborated with Donors Forum to directly engage nonprofits in key legislative districts to introduce BSI, and build a base for sector-wide advocacy through social media. The resulting plan was developed to scale and evolve the social media effort as more nonprofits engage in BSI throughout the state. In piloting the strategy, Donors Forum empowered more than 600 nonprofits that engaged more than 12,000 donors and raised $3.97 million in its #ILGiveBig campaign. Next, Donors Forum will rally advocates to protect nonprofit missions during the state budget season.