Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commemoration: Live the Legacy

In 2009, the country and the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the United States’ greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln. The bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth provided us all with an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to freedom, democracy, equality and opportunity—the legacy of Lincoln’s life. The United States has made great strides since the end of the Civil War, but as Lincoln said at Gettysburg, we still have much “unfinished work” as a nation, including issues of race and equality. The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commemoration aimed to bring Lincoln’s legacy to life to inspire the next generation of Americans with his values and his life story.

To capitalize on this opportunity, the Commission hired Metropolitan Group to assist in the planning and early implementation of a two-year national celebration.

Working closely with the federally appointed Bicentennial Commission and staff, Metropolitan Group developed the overarching strategic plan to guide the bicentennial efforts, identifying the key themes and target audiences, developing program areas and making recommendations for initial communication and fundraising implementation.

Metropolitan Group also provided strategic resource development counsel to launch early fundraising efforts, including development of the case statement, brochure and sponsorship packages, creation of a volunteer fundraising leadership group, and cultivation of key corporate and foundation donor prospects.

We created the brand identity for the bicentennial, including the logo and tagline, Live the Legacy, to be used in all materials. We also led the effort to design, develop and launch a bicentennial website: www.lincolnbicentennial.gov.

Our efforts dramatically advanced core strategies and programs for the bicentennial in just one year and established a strong base to garner the philanthropic, corporate and media support needed to fulfill the Commission’s vision and advance President Lincoln’s legacy.