Marco Holman

To Connect

Marco brings a fresh enthusiasm and perspective for work in strengthening communities and advocating for social and environmental justice. Marco provides a background in historical research and social justice work and organizing in order to support MG’s commitment to advancing social change.

Marco’s work and focus is centered in the idea of service and advocacy for historically excluded communities, and he seeks to help elevate past, present and future voices passionate in supporting their own communities. As a social change intern, he helps facilitate a variety of work across various client project teams and internal initiatives, specifically aiding in the analysis, research and facilitation for MG’s focus areas.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Social, policy, historical research and analysis
  • Project and event facilitation, coordination, and planning
  • Intercultural communication, diversity, equity, inclusion coordination


As a recent Bachelor of the Arts graduate in the field of African American History and African American Studies, Marco brings a background of research, analysis, and communication in the field of social advocacy and consultation. He has further experience in the realm of project and event coordination, communication, and engagement, through his work as an Equity Ambassador in Occidental College’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In Community

An avid supporter and former volunteer of the Cascade Festival of African Films, Marco also worked at a Los Angeles based nonprofit R.O.C.K Community Center and Coffee House with the dual task of barista and community organizer.

In his free time, Marco likes to spend even more time reading and consuming content about history. He also enjoys listening to a variety of musical genres ranging from hip hop,  jazz, soul, and RnB and has been known to occasionally still play his saxophone. He loves being outdoors whenever possible—and hikes, camps and bikes in his free time.

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