OBM Keynote: The Smart Economy Revolution


Together, let’s seize this opportunity and the real dividends it returns to our shareholders, workforce, communities and the environment.

Eric Friedenwald-Fishman delivered the keynote address at Oregon Business Magazine’s 100 Best Green Companies To Work For In Oregon luncheon honoring businesses’ dedication to workplace sustainability and quality of employment. Recycling and waste reduction, conserving energy, sourcing locally, and promoting alternative transportation were among the indicators evaluated in awarding this recognition.

In his speech, Eric urges those in attendance to apply functions often served by private, public, and nonprofit sectors directly to their green businesses. Community development, environmental sustainability, and public health needs cannot be met by organizations functioning in silos, but instead as a collective in a changing landscape: the Smart Economy Revolution. You can read Eric’s full speech here, but his 4 “I”s to the smart economy are:

1. Introspection

By making each of our companies places that examine our own practices and policies to find ways to improve, we will run better companies and have better impacts.

2. Innovation

Ask what social and environmental challenge needs a market-driven solution that our company can be the one that innovates to solve.

3. Integration

We must ask: how can we leverage diversity and gain efficiency and impact from the integration of uses?

4. Instigation

We must ask about how we can change the ground rules so they support the opportunities and impacts of green innovation.