Not one less. Not one more

While a tragic and shameful truth is that gender violence is not at all new, the atrocities against women and girls in recent weeks in Mexico are having a deep impact on perpetuating living with fear.

The powerful rising up of women in Mexico demanding change brings into stark reality the need for transformation and provides inspiration for action. In contrast, the response by many in power that frame the issue as only being about “bad criminals” ignores and masks the systemic and structural causes of gender-bias, toxic masculinity, dominant narratives that objectify and degrade women and the social norms that use gender constructs to perpetuate inequitable power dynamics.

This is true in virtually every corner of the globe from the rising violence against indigenous women and girls in the U.S. to the jailing of women who have miscarried in El Salvador. In this short video, two of our colleagues at Impacto Social Metropolitan Group in Mexico City share perspectives on the critical need for action. It is incumbent upon all of us this March 8th to ask ourselves what are we doing to drive this change, and how are we are working to create the conditions of safety and equity where girls and women live their lives freely and fully. How are we each working to make everyday International Women’s Day?