Louisville Free Public Library builds forward

Craig Buthod
Craig Buthod receives Librarian of the Year award

After opening the doors to a new library and finalizing funding for the construction of another location, Louisville Free Public Library (LFPL) recently announced that Director Craig Buthod will be retiring after 17 years of service with the library. MG worked with Louisville Free Public Library Foundation and Mr. Buthod in the past to build public will for the library and we are pleased to hear that Mr. Buthod will be enjoying his new career: retirement. His legacy stands firmly in the foundation for the future vision of LFPL.

“For 42 years I’ve gone to work every day in a library, a place where I could engage with smart people pursuing their education, and I could learn something myself every day. What could be better than that?”

Mr. Buthod retires after four decades working in libraries across the country from Tulsa to Seattle before landing in Louisville. He was named the 2010 Librarian of the Year by Library Journal as he advanced the library’s presence and impact with innovative programming, community involvement and educational partnerships.

In November 2014, LFPL was one of ten Kentucky libraries to receive funding as part of the largest investment in library construction in state history. The funds will support the development of the new South Central Regional Library. This announcement follows the October opening of the Southwest Regional Library, which was part of the 2009 Updated Master Plan that Buthod championed.