Fall conference round-up

Sherri enjoys good conversation with colleagues at SVN!

Fall is always a busy time at MG, particularly because many of our favorite annual conferences and gatherings occur during this time of year.

We view conferences as a way to discover new trends and ideas; share learnings and best practices; and connect with like-minded people and organizations to collaborate on cool projects.

Here’s a round-up of highlights from the events we attended this season:

GoGreen Portland

Each year, GoGreen brings business and government leaders together to discuss sustainability in Portland, Oregon—bringing the two sectors together around learnings and solutions to challenges including climate change and diversity in the environmental movement.

This year, Eric Friedenwald-Fishman moderated a panel on the new Federal Trade Commission’s green marketing guidelines, which have fundamentally changed the way green brands can speak about their product features and benefits.

In addition, Bevan Griffiths-Sattenspiel attended the conference as a participant. A highlight for him was getting a chance to chat with Yerdle founder Adam Werbach before his keynote; Bevan commended him on the important work he’s done to advance the environmental movement. “It event was refreshing and thought-provoking and an environment (no pun intended) where I was able to actively participate and add value to discussions and connect with folks in a meaningful way.”

It was yet another reminder of how powerful a dedicated community can be at creating collective impact.

Social Venture Network

Sherri Pittman joined the world’s leading values-driven business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and impact investors at the 2014 Social Venture Network Fall Meeting, held this year in Greenwich, Connecticut.

In its 25+ year history, SVN has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create more successful, responsible, and sustainable enterprises. MG was proud to be a conference sponsor again this year.

As always, we left motivated and inspired by our colleagues doing such amazing things!

B Corp Champions Retreat

MG is a certified B Corp, a 2014 “Best for the World” winner, and a leader in the global Benefit Corporation movement. Twice yearly, we join other B Corps to think about how to further expand our reach and impact. This year’s Fall Retreat was hosted in beautiful Burlington, Vermont.

While there, Eric Fridenwald-Fishman was invited to join US Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez for a roundtable where they discussed creating shared prosperity through living wages, paid leave and creating the best companies for workers, shareholders and communities.

Additionally, Eric was honored with a B the Change Collective Action Award, for his leadership on the B the Change Campaign.

Opportunity Collaboration

The Opportunity Collaboration asks nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, academics and corporate decision-makers to roll up their sleeves and work together to develop sustainable solutions to global poverty. Focused on building alliances and fostering partnerships, Opportunity Collaboration is a unique, invitation-only event and was held this year in Ixtapa, Mexico.

Sherri Pittman was a returning delegate, and she was joined this year by Laura K. Lee Dellinger. They led a capacity-building clinic titled “The Hidden Power of Self-Evident Truth: Building a Values Based Message,” which focused on uncovering assumptions made about what moves audiences to action, and surfacing truths that seem self evident to those on the inside organizations.

It was powerful to be a part of such an important dialogue and to grow and deepen relationships with champions for social justice and human rights.