Change Agents Tackle Health Disparities at MG Forum in Chicago

A core group of change agents braved the arctic weather in Chicago on January 8th to participate in a forum on addressing health disparities hosted by MG Chicago’s Kevin Kirkpatrick and Vicky Nurre. Kevin delivered a presentation previously shared with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on how to more effectively address health disparities by adopting a three-dimensional perspective that considers PLACE (demographic and incidence data), HEART (deeply held values and worldview of our audiences), and HEAD (the way we process information). Three panelists shared their own perspective on this issue: Patricia Canessa from the Illinois Public Health Association; Leticia Reyes-Nash from the Illinois Department of Public Health; and Valery Shuman from Heartland Health Outreach. A group discussion followed facilitated by MG’s Laura Dellinger, after which participants enjoyed a reception in MG’s Chicago office with a spectacular view of the iced-over Chicago River. MG San Francisco’s Sherri Pittman was also on hand for the event.

You can view the presentation by clicking the thumbnail, below:

Change Agents Forum Health Disparities Presentation HANDOUT

And find more information about MG’s 3-D approach to addressing health disparities here.

MG’s Sherri Pittman with USDA’s Alan Shannon.
MG’s Vicky Nurre with forum attendees


Participants listen during presentation
Participants listen during presentation