Creating Connection: Arts and Culture Research and Message Framework

Creating Connections: Research Findings and Proposed Message Framework to Build Public Will for Arts and Culture

Metropolitan Group and Arts Midwest are pleased to share the Creating Connection report, detailing our findings from a national research project conducted in Fall 2014 around public values, behaviors and attitudes as they relate to arts and culture.

Specifically, we asked:

  • How do people define arts and culture experiences in their everyday lives?
  • What core values drive arts and culture experiences?
  • What messaging effectively connects arts and culture to what people really care about, and motivates them to want to do more of it?


Our report is part of a broader initiative that we are undertaking to use the “public will building” social change strategy to make arts and culture a more recognized, valued, and expected part of our everyday lives.

We are excited about the potential impact the findings from the research phase can create. We also recognize there is much work to be done to achieve this ambitious goal—work that will include engaging diverse, cross-sector leaders in and beyond the arts and culture community in adopting new approaches to messaging and audience development; harnessing the recognized benefits of engaging with arts and culture in our programs and communications; and thinking critically about new ways to overcome the barriers facing our field.

For more information and to get involved in the initiative, please visit Arts Midwest.

To download the Creating Connection report, please click below: