27 years of social change

MG 27th anniversary annual reportFebruary 14th marked the start of our 27th year at Metropolitan Group. Since 1989, our work has given us the opportunity to roll up our sleeves with change agents across the country to create real impact in our communities. We are grateful for the privilege of working with people who inspire us by their commitment to causes we deeply believe in.

We hope you’ll enjoy visiting our interactive 2015 report to stakeholders.

As we look to the future, we believe the need to advocate for justice has never been greater. The growing inequities of our time demand that we all work to foster vital intersections between economic equity, social justice, human and environmental health. These challenges cannot be resolved in isolation. Sustainable change requires that we actively engage with members of our communities (with particular focus on making sure those experiencing disparity are at the table). We hope you will join us in redoubling our commitment to using the power of our voices, our creativity and our individual and collective privilege to move toward a more just and sustainable world.