Kyle Crooke, our new PDX office manager

Somya Singh
November 8, 2022

Kyle Crooke‘s unique background of international aid work, social justice through sports, and hospitality lends itself to being MG’s PDX office manager. He believes in the power of connection and thrives in being the bridge builder for people of different backgrounds.

As an international studies student, Kyle focused primary on communication within different cultures. With a passion for Slavic studies, he began taking classes at Moscow State University and then began research throughout the former Yugoslavia. During this time, Kyle was particularly struck by the dehumanization of marginalized groups. This intensified his desire to concentrate his life’s work in helping give voice, opportunity, recognition, and justice to any marginalized communities and people.

When Kyle is not playing soccer, you can find him fly fishing, hiking, and spending time with his partner and their blue heeler, Gracie.


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