Workplace Wellness Stations

Wellness Station Signs

In 2015, MG’s Wellness Committee focused on creating office environments that promoted physical activity and healthy behavior during the workday. Too often, we find ourselves spending eight entire hours sitting in front of a computer or rushing from meeting to meeting, without taking time to drink water, breathe, stretch or even use the restroom! Dedicating mental and physical space to taking care of yourself can seem like just one more assignment piled onto an already overflowing plate.

To remind and encourage MGers to take care of themselves, the Wellness Committee developed a series of activity stations and posters of informational and instructional health reminders. Research and recommendations from MG’s past and present public health clients was used as source material for the posters. Stations were placed in different locations throughout each of MG’s offices, and supplied with equipment needed to carry out each activity. Posters presented step-by-step exercises, stretches and guidelines for creating and supporting healthy habits.

We’ve made our Wellness Station Posters available to download.