Our Summer Interns, Emma and Samantha

Metropolitan Group was fortunate to have two interns join our team this past summer. They had the opportunity to work with multiple projects teams to brainstorm, support, write, research and produce high-quality work on behalf of MG. Learn more about our interns and hear from them about their experience at MG.

Samantha is a recent graduate from the University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism emphasizing in Public Relations. Samantha chose to study PR because of the power that strategic communication has had throughout history in providing a voice to underrepresented communities. While in school, she held a number of leadership positions in the Center for Student Involvement, the Black Student Union and within Fraternity and Sorority Life. Samantha is passionate about traveling and social justice. Immediately following her internship with MG, Samantha is going abroad to see and experience the world.

Words from Samantha: “Being an intern at Metropolitan Group has been such a gratifying experience for me. It has been a pleasure working at a company with strong values that parallel my own and to see those same values being placed at the forefront of the work that everyone does. In my time here, I have been fortunate to be responsible for a number of new business development projects and to be an integral part of client work. I am grateful for my experience at MG where I have had my opinions and skills not only valued but utilized.


Emma is a Portland native and loves all the amazing things that growing up in Oregon has to offer. Her love for being outside inspired her to create a hiking club at her high school and volunteer with Friends of Trees on the weekends. For college, Emma swapped her hiking boots for flip-flops while she attends Pepperdine University in sunny Malibu, California. She is currently majoring in Interpersonal Communication, with a minor in Fine Arts and earned a certificate in Conflict Management and Negotiation. Majoring in Interpersonal Communication is one of the ways that her passion for creating relationships and serving people comes to life through her education. When she graduates she hopes to spend time traveling abroad and eventually start her own lifestyle + fashion brand that provides economic opportunity for women.

Words from Emma:“Growing up, I have never had a clear idea of what I wanted to do as a career. I’ve always had an idea of the things I am passionate about but never saw how they could translate into a job. I never knew that there were organizations like the Metropolitan Group who have a commitment to a high set of values. The staff at MG are all dedicated to making sure these values are reflected in everything that the company does. Working at MG has allowed me to see that it is possible to have a job that reflects your personal values and work amongst people who are passionate about the same things as me.”