#NoPlaceLikeHome on Earth Day

Every Earth Day the Metropolitan Group team often reflects on the wonders of the natural world and the essential resources nature provides. We also take the time to celebrate this great and wondrous planet we call home.

This year, NASA is inviting people around the world to share their favorite places on Earth–using any social media platform–and the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeHome.

Join us to see some of MG’s favorite places:


This #EarthDay my ❤️ is in #Yosemite’s High Sierra Tundra, as close to heaven as I’ve been #NoPlaceLikeHome.

– Rob Sassor

KB_NASAPlanes, trains, autos & boats, jet skiers, paddle surfers,kayakers & rowers, fishermen & picnickers, dogs & geese, climbing rocks & vineyard vines, all around my seat.

– Kathy Buss

MariaElena_NoPlaceLikeHomeThis Earth Day I celebrate my home (Uruguay), my adopted home (Oregon) and my home away from home (Tuscany). ‪#‎NoPlaceLikeHome  ❤️

– Maria Elena Campisteguy

Jason_NoPlaceLikeHomeAn office view; reminders. My favorite little bits of earth blooming—joy! #NoPlaceLikeHome.

– Jason Rambo

EM_NoPlaceLikeHomeThis #‎EarthDay‬ I am still thinking of my weekend hike with both my loves at Tom McCall Preserve. Wildflowers and rattle snakes like I’ve never seen – peaceful and primeval all at the same time. #‎NoPlaceLikeHome‬.

– Ezra Milchman


Cascade Head.
The Oregon Coast.
On a clear day, there is no place I’d rather be.

– Taylor Hom Johnson

Bevan_NoPlaceLikeHomeThere is #noplacelikehome because my backyard #urbanfarm gives me everything I need to sustain my mind, body and soul.

– Bevan Griffiths-Sattenspiel


Happy Earth Day! One of my favorite places – La Jolla! #NoPlaceLikeHome

Kirsten Gunst


Earth day I celebrate Oregon’s coast and the idea that every inch of beach belongs to the people #NoPlaceLikeHome #thepowerofvoice ❤️

Eric Friedenwald-Fishman


On this Earth Day, I’m celebrating the beautiful Oregon coast (specifically, Rockaway Beach where this photo was taken). Can’t wait to boogie board in the Pacific Ocean again this summer! #‎NoPlaceLikeHome

Olivia Stone


On this Earth Day, my favorite place on the planet. “Somewhere under the Rainbow” #‎NoPlaceLikeHome‬

Al Machemehl

For more details about NASA’s #NoPlaceLikeHome campaign, please visit the NASA website.

We are honored to work with clients like NASA’s Earth Science Division, who bring to bear their talent, knowledge and technologies to help people around the world on Earth Day and every day.